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Driving Assessment & Rehabilitation


The ability to drive, contrary to popular belief, is not automatic.

Driving may be part of a routine task to many seasoned drivers; it is also a very complex task.


The task of driving requires a synchrony of brain functions which control our ability to coordinate our limbs' movement (motor control), our ability to make sense of what we see (vision & perception), our ability to make timely, accurate, safe judgment (executive function)... and many more. 

One's ability to drive safely may be affected by having a medical condition or a disability such as stroke, lower limb fractures, schizophrenia, just to name a few. An occupational therapist who is certified in driving assessments will be able to assess one's ability to drive safely despite having a medical condition or disability. 

After the assessment, the certified OT may advise on appropriate car modification(s) where necessary, or additional driving lessons with a rehab-trained driving instructor before certifying the client safe to drive. 


Please click here for the driving rehab referral form, to be signed by a registered medical practitioner (with valid MCR number) before booking an appointment for driving rehab. Thank you!

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