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Ergonomic Keyboards
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Our occupational therapists will be able to provide consultancy and advise on optimising one's daily living activities (also known as 'ADL' - activities of daily living), lifestyle modification, ergonomics, wellness and more.


Hand therapy,

Upper limb rehabilitation

The upper limb is essential in performance of daily living activities. When the ability to use the upper limb is disrupted due to injury and/or pain,we know daily living activities can get frustrating.

Let our team of experienced hand therapists help you!


Scar Tissue Mobilisation Therapy

The random nagging pains you have could just be the result of your surgical scar adhering to bodily structures.


Re-align your surgical scar tissues through use of the S.T.R.A.I.T Method™ for a more pain-free, healthier you on top of an more aesthetically pleasing scar.


Driving assessment & rehabilitation

Our occupational therapists who are certified in driving assessments will be able to advise on one's ability to drive after having suffered a medical condition or disability.

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