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We aim to give you the convenience, but not at the expense of our therapists' safety and welfare. 

For first-time mobile therapy clients - please let us know the full address of your preferred location the day before our agreed appointment timing for therapy. Changes to the location within the day of appointment will not be possible and will only be considered in special circumstances.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, please let the therapist know if you are experiencing symptoms that are associated with Covid-19. You will also be required to fill in an online questionnaire on possible past exposure to Covid-19 for contact tracing purposes. Upon arrival, the therapist will be taking your body temperature before commencement of therapy for record purposes. Please also ensure you are wearing a mask throughout the session.

Wherever possible, please ensure that there is a female chaperone around during the therapy session.


For locations with security facilities - Please ensure that the therapist is able to gain entry into the unit smoothly; any delay >10min as a result will be at the client's expense and will not be compensated in duration of therapy.


Depending on the nature of the therapy, certain locations (eg. open concept meeting rooms) will not be ideal. Our therapists will advise you accordingly.


By confirming an appointment date and time with us, you agree to allow us to collect payment of $50 in the event that the appointment is cancelled (other than for reasons such as having symptoms associated with Covid-19) <2 working days before the agreed timing. This is because time has been set aside to meet your therapy needs during this timeslot - other clients cannot use this timeslot and hence is unable to benefit from a therapy session as a result. Reasons for cancellation will be considered on a case-by-case basis and does not guarantee a waiver of the cancellation charge.

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