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What are some of the client groups  that you have experience in?

- Hand / upper limb conditions resulting from injuries or neurological events
Neurological conditions ie. stroke, traumatic brain injury
- Geriatric conditions ie. dementia, parkinsons
Orthopaedic conditions ie. hip fracture, spinal fracture
- Medical conditions ie. heart failure, renal failure, cancer


How are your sessions charged?

For telehealth consultations, we charge in blocks of either 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the needs of the session.

For mobile therapy sessions, you will be charged in blocks of 45/90 minutes, inclusive of a 2-way transportation charge. Where splinting is involved, charges will vary depending on the type of splinting material used.


What are your payment modes?

We accept payment in the following forms:


- Cash / Cheque

- Internet banking / Paynow transactions to 'Ignite Rehabilitation'

- Contactless credit card (Mastercard/Visa/Amex) transactions

*For insurance-related claims, please seek reimbursement after payment has been made*


If i am not comfortable with giving out my address- do you have a clinic space for me to go to for therapy?

We strive to give you convenience, however not at the expense of your discomfort. If you would rather come to us instead of us to you - let us know, we can make arrangements.


Can i make an appointment without any referral from the doctor?

Yes you can!


However, for new/recent injuries (ie. fracture/cuts/pain + swelling), we would advise you to seek a doctor's opinion on the suitability of therapy before making an appointment with us. 

Please note that a doctor's referral (click here for referral form) is mandatory for driving assessment cases. We cannot perform driving assessments without a doctor's clearance on medical fitness to drive.


if i need other allied health services (ie. physiotherapy / speech therapy) on top of my therapy with ignite rehab, would i have to look for these practitioners myself?

We have a wide network of with physiotherapy & speech therapy contacts that we would be happy to share - should you be in need of them. However, if you would like to find your own practitioner please feel free to go ahead. :)

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