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Hand therapy & Upper limb rehabilitation

Our hands and upper limbs are so important in making many of our daily living activities possible - from being able to pursue our interest in different types of sports, down to the fine movement of being able to button shirts, zip pants and sign our names.  Hence when the use of our hands or upper limbs has been restricted through an injury or illness, on top of physical deficits, our mental wellbeing could be also affected.


At Ignite Rehab, our hand therapy & upper limb rehabilitation team provides support to a wide variety of clients who face difficulties in using their hand, following an injury or illness. 


Our hand therapy approach:

We aim to provide relevant, timely and goal orientated hand therapy treatment and rehabilitation programmes to clients at a location convenient to them.


We believe that our role is to be facilitators, equipping our clients with the skills needed to become as independent as possible in their everyday life, and not be dependent on the help that therapy provides.


Our client-centred approach ensures that while our clients receive the highest level of care based on latest evidence based practices, most importantly, they are also empowered to manage their own upper limb rehabilitation should they wish to do so.


Our hand therapy & upper limb rehabilitation services:

• Customised splint fabrication for various hand conditions
• Therapeutic exercises and activities for functional strengthening, conditioning and

   range of motion
• Sensory re-education 
• Prescription of tailored home exercise programs
• Manual therapy with soft tissue mobilization
• Ergonomic assessment and evaluation
• Adaption of everyday activities with modified tools

• Handwriting, dexterity, fine motor rehabilitation


We could help with:

Acute injuries:
• Fractures (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand)
• Tendon injuries and repair
• Nerve injuries and repair
• Fingertip Injuries
• Soft tissue / ligament injuries (eg. TFCC injuries, Scapholunate wrist injuries)


Chronic conditions:
• Stroke (Upper limb rehab)
• Repetitive strain injuries (eg. Tennis elbow, trigger finger, carpal tunnel)

• Arthritis
• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

• Handwriting difficulties

What to expect during your appointment:
To ensure that we can better help you achieve your goals - our therapists will perform a thorough assessment on your first visit and discuss personalised goals that are realistic and meaningful to you.


Subsequently, to ensure  progression towards your goals,  subjective and objective markers such as your pain, range of motion, sensation and strength will be measured, depending on your needs.


A home exercise program may be prescribed or reinforced during your session to empower you in achieving your goals.

We look forward to forging a great therapeutic relationship with you based on mutual trust and cooperation!

Book an appointment with us today!

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