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As Singapore aims to be a Smart Nation and goes through an ongoing digital revolution resulting in changes to the way we live, work and play - we cannot negate the influence of technology on healthcare. 

With the Covid-19 crisis, together with the implementation of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore in April 2020, face-to-face interaction between healthcare practitioners and clients were discouraged and alternative consultancy enabling safe distancing consultancy were regarded. Tele-health consultancy gained largely in popularity as a result. 

One of the conclusions drawn from having to use the tele-consultancy route during the Circuit Breaker period - clients could have the option to seek professional help without having to get to the clinic/centre for non-emergency cases


In a fast-paced society like Singapore, individuals often experience the 'lack of time' - trying to solve that 'nagging pain/discomfort' they have somewhere in their body is just not that high a priority given other commitments. Definitely not travelling to, and having to wait for their turn at the therapy centre, spending hours as a result. 

Tele-health consultancy/rehabilitation could just be that solution.


If you have unanswered questions with regard to pain/discomfort in your body, and cannot seem to find a good window of time to attend a physical consultation, we can help you. Have a chat with us over a video conferencing session, where we endeavour to answer your queries. Appropriate exercises could also be prescribed (where necessary) at the comfort of your own home, at timing convenient to you*.


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