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With a team of therapists with at least 8 years of experience in public, private and community healthcare settings, we all have a common vision - the heart to serve.

We bring therapy to you.

With seemingly never-ending commitments and daily living chores, sometimes you just cannot afford time to travel, and wait for your turn at the therapy centre. Our telehealth and mobile therapy allows you to manage your time effectively - while achieving your therapy goals, at the comfort of your home or at a convenient location of your choice.*

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 Unable to get away from work? In need of a consult but not sure who to approach? Don't let social distancing get in the way of seeking a consult or therapy. We can help*!


All you need is connectivity and a screen!

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We know it is not always convenient having to travel to a specific location for therapy. Mobile therapy services allows you to receive treatment in a familiar environment*, or if you prefer a more private setting.


Mobile therapy

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